Pattern Errata - Twilleys of Stamford Book 460

With apologies pattern error on Page 24 - Pram Shoes

PRAM SHOES (Both Alike)
Work as given on pattern up to 5th line ....* until 23(24, 28, 29) sts on left needle, cast on 2(3, 2, 3) sts.  25(27, 30, 32) sts.
Work in g st for 4 rows, dec 1(1, 0, 0) st at end of last row and ending with a ws row.  24(26, 30, 32) sts.
Work as given on pattern up to the 8th line of text on the next column......of instep, then K rem 8(9, 10, 10) sts on other holder.  40(44, 50, 54) sts.
Work in g st for 7(9, 9, 11) rows dec 0(0, 2, 2) sts even across last row, ending with a ws row.  40(44, 48, 52) sts.
Complete as given.
Unfortunately this pattern was in Issue 10 of Knit Now magazine and we do apologise.
This will be posted on our website very soon.

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Pattern Errata 5667

Pattern 5667

Wendy Cotton DK (100g)
Cabled Sweater
5    5    6    6         balls        (amended from 4    4    5    5 balls)

Cabled Sweater 
Using 3¾mm needles cast on 134 ............sts, beg K1, *K4, P4 rib, rept from * to last 5 sts, K5

Begin Pattern
Rs - ..............until piece measures 12.5cm (5ins) from beg of pattern ending with .....

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