NEAL By Neal Sperling Cable Cardigan All the High Street stores are following the chunky/aran/Nordic trend in knitwear.  Yes I agree it is easy to go and just buy one but think of the self-satisfaction of knitting one for yourself, plus the quality will be excellent!

We have Arans and Chunky patterns galore.  I recently featured the Wendy Pampas collection booklet, all on trend and easyknits, booklet 331.  We also have new leaflets coming out shortly.  A good Aran family collection is booklet 332.  The above image is from a High Street store but our booklet features cardigans, jumpers, scarves etc and you can knit an oversize unisex cardigan for yourself.

During these long winter evenings give yourself a treat, snuggle up and get knitting.

As always you can click on our Website: http://www.tbramsden.co.uk/stockists.asp and by inserting your postcode it links you to your local stockist for this product.  We are currently unable to supply yarns to members of the public.

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