During our Christmas Conference we launched the new Supreme Cotton Chunky yarn which has wonderful support designs ready for Spring/Summer.  This yarn comes in eight shades and will be on the website shortly.  (We have had a few technical difficulties uploading information recently on the website so please bear with us!)

Also new shades in Sorrento DK and Supreme Cotton DK:-

Wendy Sorrento DK - 4 new shades added
Leaflets 5654-57
Wendy Supreme Cotton Chunky
Leaflets 5658-62
Wendy Supreme Cotton DK - 6 new shades added
Leaflets 5663 (crochet) 5664-67
Wendy Supreme Cotton 4Ply
Leaflet 5668
Wendy Cotton Collection Book 350

Above is a selection for you.  

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  1. I'm having problems with the sleeves on pattern 5658. Is there a correction published online?

    Many thanks