Wendy Roam & Roam Fushion - NEW

New to Wendy is Roam & Roam Fusion - with sock knitting very much en vogue at the moment we are thrilled to introduce our own 4ply sock yarns. Roam offers five solid colours inspired by the old St Ives range, whilst Roam Fusion offers five bright and bold colour mixes. Our sock pattern has been produced to be a free giveaway with a purchase of the yarn. One ball will knit a pair of socks and the Roam and Roam Fusion colours complement each other perfectly so the knitter can create a truly unique pair of socks. Such a fantastically colourful yarn need not necessarily be used solely for knitting socks and we are sure many customers will be experimenting with it for other projects, as will the design team.


  1. They are very exciting, there are too few British yarn firms producing good sock yarn. Is the wool in the yarn of British origin?
    Thank you

    1. Hi thanks for the enquiry. We dont actually use British Wool for our sock yarn because it is very coarse and we needed it to be softer. We used a blended wool. I hope you like it? We are made about this yarn in the office and hope everyone else thinks so too.