Postman Pat

Please have a look at Barbara Smith's latest Blog posting on some of our archive patterns.

All of you with children will understand the appeal of Postman Pat but I have in the past found myself singing along to a tape (yes tape cassette)  in the car and then remembered my daughters weren't actually in the car so I could (should) have been listening to grown up music!!

We do have one of the wonderful knitted Pats above in the Thomas B Ramsden reception taking pride and place.

Big thank you to Barbara again for her wonderful Blogging.



  1. Please relaunch these patterns, I'd sell them in my shop
    Sally Goodwill

  2. I know they are fab - but we are usually only able to print/use the designs for so long due to Licence agreements. Will make a note of your comment though and suggestion. Thanks, CarolAnn