Wendy Chic - Design by Joanne Lumsden

Please take a look at this fabulous design using Wendy Chic by Joanne Lumsden who is a Higher Art Design student:-

She writes' It started with one ball of Wendy Chic- I wanted to knit my Higher Art design folio, saw the Chic in the shop and the whole idea went from there. I've worked with bird feathers before and the wool reminded me of the feathers at the end of a peacock tail. Wanting a very open knit to keep the weight to a minimum, I needed to make a simple long straight dress as a base. Once I had done this with a sea-green velour and petrol blue lace over bodice, I punched holes in the back waistband (with a leather punch!), picked up and knitted across the back waistband and went from there. The first wool was a colour match to the lace bodice, then adding in different mohair yarns to blend with the different colour strands in the Chic Marinari as I went down the back.At floor level I used a standard increasing formula to produce the fullness of the tail. I added cap sleeves to balance the design and the whole thing was knitted on size 15 needles!! Oval self-coloured panels were attached to the bodice for detail interest with real peacock feather 'eyes' stuck on. I modelled the dress at Drum Castle on the only sunny day in April 2013. Not bad for a girl who has only knitted a jumper and 2 headbands previously! I am really proud of my design and can't quite believe I did it all myself when I look at the photos"   Joanne Lumsden

Well done Joanne

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