Elizabeth Forster - Designer

I am highlighting a wonderful blog from Barbara Smith and in particular because of her research into the Elizabeth Forster designs.  Elizabeth designed from the 1940's to 1980's and at one point for "Wendy", with designs inspired by her travels.  These would look just as good on today and also influence today's designers.  Take a look at the first and second posts from Barbara.  I particularly like the South American inspired Llama skirt (these images belong to Barbara Smith)

Barbara is retired and lives in West Yorkshire:

"I returned to knitting at the end of 2009, after a long gap. I'm fascinated by old knitting patterns and women's magazines. Since 2011, I have been sorting and cataloguing the collection of publications held by the U.K.Knitting and Crochet Guild - magazines, pattern booklets, pattern leaflets and other publications. It is a wonderful resource for researching the history of knitting and crochet in the 20th century. With the centenary of the First World War in mind, I have been investigating the knitting and crochet activity at that time - the vast quantities of knitted comforts for the troops, but also what women made for their families and their homes."

Thank you Barbara and keep sharing your wonderful research.

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