Wendy Supreme Cotton Collection

We have lots of lovely news about our Wendy Supreme Cotton Collection

Wendy Supreme Cotton DK - This 100% Mercerised cotton is ideal for all seasons. It is easy to knit with due to its supple qualities and the extensive colour range allows you to find your perfect choice.
New shades 1961 - 1968 are now available!

Wendy Supreme Cotton Chunky - 3 new shades available.

Wendy Supreme Cotton Sparkle DK - 4 new shades available.

Wendy Supreme Cotton 4Ply - 6 new shades available.

Wendy supreme Cotton Silk DK NEW - This beautiful yarn is made from 20% fine silk and 80% pure cotton. The silk and cotton are spun together before the yarn is dyed. As the cotton and silk pick up the dye in different ways, the resulting effect is a gorgeous melange/speckled look. With a range of 9 lovely colours, this is a must for the coming Spring/Summer season!!

New design support is available for all the yarns, please click on our Pattern Finder on our website and key in the yarn to find the pattern support.

Wonderful shades and designs to brighten up your wardrobe into Spring/Summer.  
Happy Knitting and crocheting.

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