Featured in the Telegraph on 27th August was an article in their "Children's notebook" section regarding school jumpers and the quality/cost of them.  If you are looking for a super V-knit sweater to knit for school uniform - look no further than our Design on Page 8 of Booklet 317, sizes 18-22inches.

Obviously knitted without the stripe this is the perfect V-neck sweater.

Suitable to be knitted in our Robin DK (100g) School Grey (28) http://www.tbramsden.co.uk/viewbook.asp?brand=Peter%20Pan&book=0014_317%20Toddler%20Knits
Peter Pan DK 50g/100g in Liquorice (914) or  Sailor Blue (314) http://www.tbramsden.co.uk/viewyarn.asp?brand=Peter%20Pan&yarn=001Peter%20Pan%20DK

Both yarns super quality, wear and washable.  Happy Knitting!

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