NATIONAL WOOL WEEK 5th-11th September 2011

Highlighting our super yarns:-

Twilleys Freedom Purity is a wonderful new 'Eco' addition to our range of natural fibre yarns. This sumptoulsy soft yarn is available in earthy colours which are formed by the careful blending of natural undyed wool with alpaca. The hypo-allergenic qualities of the Alpaca combine with the Virgin wool to create a beautiful high quality yarn that is just fabulous to knit with; creating one of the finest chunky yarns on the market.

001Freedom Purity

We have wonderful designs for this yarn which can be viewed on our website:-

  Booklet 466 contains 16 pages of super knits.

super on-trend design.
Plus others:- 9150-9153 and  9122-9126:- 

My personal favourite is this jacket:-

So what are you waiting for - see our links off some of our retailers websites here on the blog and also our stockist page http://www.tbramsden.co.uk/stockists.asp.

It's Autumn/winter knitting time and this is the perfect yarn.

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